Course & Travel Award Info

Course Information:
ED 7389B Seminar in International Educational Research: Chile (Fall 2015)

Doctoral students interested in the course should first complete the Travel Award Application for Project LEARN Chile ED 7389B, due June 21, 2015. Students must be enrolled in the SI or APCE programs. Applications will be accepted after June 21, but travel funds will be awarded first based on applications submitted by June 21. Students will receive override approval to complete course registration after the Travel Application has been reviewed. There are approximately 12 travel awards available (NOTE: 18 awards were made). Students not receiving a travel app are welcome to apply for the course, using personal or alternate funding. Scroll down this page for information on the November 2015 travel.

The course will consist of several seminar meetings establishing a doctoral level project based on research as service learning. Students will develop this project in approximately 5 seminar meetings and implement the project in Chile (November, 2015). Part of the seminars will include team development offered by Dale Carnegie-Austin and preparation for international leadership and engagement offered by the Global Learning director of Dell. The course is 3 credits. Ph.D. students in Candidacy may be able to enroll at 1 credit hour based on individual degree progress. Seminar dates are TBA after course registrants are identified, but will be Thursday evenings.

Course Description: This course develops theoretical knowledge, methodological skills, and scholarly capacity for international educational research. Recognizing that such research intersects specific cultural, political, historical, and linguistic contexts, this seminar focuses on research within the complex educational environment of Chile. The course is structured as seminar components held at the university and research fieldwork in Chile. It engages international research as a form of service learning, and is framed within a poststructural perspective.   

Travel Information:

1. Travel dates are in November 2015.

2.  Project will take place in Santiago de Chile, the Chilean capital city located at the base of the magnificent Andes mountains and close to Chilean vineyards and the pacific coastal city of Valparaiso.

3. Lodging will be hotel rooms in one hotel within walking distance of a Metro station, double occupancy.

4. Students will be covered by the university’s insurance for study abroad students traveling internationally for a university course.