Blogging: Enlightening, Transformative, Engaging

Laura Reyna. Enlightening, Transformative, and Engaging … that is how I would describe the experience that I had while taking part in the 100K Strong initiative for Texas State’s College of Education.  Although our intent was to study public pedagogy, I had no idea how apparent this would be in Chilean culture. Daily forms of learning in relation to social change were evident in pubic spaces including museums, cultural centers, and informal gatherings in daily life. Having come from the civic-minded, or so I thought, American culture, it was amazing to see how Chileans strive for social justice on a daily basis, and put their ideals into action through purposeful dialogue and interactions. We encountered people and organizations not only dreaming of social transformation and equality, but also taking action to achieve this on a daily basis. This was amazing to see! Having had the privilege to witness this type of learning in action forever changed me as an educator. I no longer see limits to learning and do not feel constrained by the walls of the classroom; learning can take place anywhere!

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