Un Dia Como Hoy: Populusaurio

En tu cabeza hay un pais! On our first day arriving in Santiago de Chile, the 100K Strong Mistral Scholars participated in POPULUSAURIO’s third annual citizen’s feria at Parque Balmaceda (Metro Salvador). Populusaurio is a network of community organizations with a shared goal of strengthening civil society in Chile. A space of encounter, the group of over 20 organizations promotes participation and dialogue between citizens and the state. Out of their own experience, groups seek to generate active citizenship that contributes to the formation of democracy and engagement amongst different social actors. The citizen’s fair occurred on a beautiful day, outside in a city park with an extensive range of groups hosting booths and activities, with over 5,000 persons participating. We were able to meet representatives of many different social and community organizations, learning much about their work and activities, and to also meet many Chileans interested in social action and transformation. We were excited to learn from so many community organizations taking up challenges and creating possibilities involving educational equity, human rights, environmental sustainability, community engagement, transnational citizens’ movements, LGBT equality, women’s rights and well-being, youth, political action, inclusion across (dis)abilities, promotion of Chilean Sign Language and similar forms of engagement and communication, and much more.

Populusaurio 7 Nov 2015 Santiago


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POPULUSAURIO es una Red de Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil que desde el 2013 se mantiene unida y organizada con el fin de fortalecer a la sociedad civil en Chile.
Nuestro objetivo principal es ser un espacio de encuentro y articulación, para promover y profundizar la participación y el diálogo entre la ciudadanía y el Estado.
Actualmente, somos 20 organizaciones que queremos contribuir, desde nuestra experiencia, a generar una ciudadanía activa – más allá del voto – cohesionada y responsable, que contribuya a la creación de una democracia basada en la participación ciudadana, favoreciendo la comunicación y articulación entre los diferentes actores sociales.