Blogging: Inspired by Student Social Movements

– Yolanda Reyes Guevara. As I reflect on our research fieldwork in Chile, I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time with amazing and inspiring individuals who are working to change the educational landscape in their country.  My work in Chile focused on student social movements and understanding how young individuals were inspired to work toward a social justice for their society.  Speaking with these individuals, I was in awe of their dedication to a cause that would hopefully affect future generations.  It was inspiring to hear the stories of young people who were committed to ensuring that the educational system provided quality education for all Chileans, regardless of economic class.  The individuals we spoke to were regular everyday high school and university students who were faced with a challenging situation that they met head on through organization and social movement.  Overall, my research experience in Chile was eye opening and provided me with a personal perspective from various individuals who have lived these ground breaking historical moments that are altering the educational policy and practice landscape in Chile.

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